FUTURA RESISTENZA label presents

Roger3000 (be) + Ugne&maria (be)

+  Nina (de) + Nika Son (de)

Futura Resistenza operates somewhere on the edges of performance, music and the visual arts. Interdisciplinary at its core, for Futura Resistenza, a concert is never just a concert and a record reaches far beyond what meets the ear. The label invites musicians and artists with direct personal connections within its community, as well as people who they simply admire and want to see published or on stage. For this special occasion, they have invited two Brussels-based live acts from the label: musician and painter Roger 3000 and electronic duo ugne&maria, experimenting with the violin, synthesisers and sampling techniques. While DJs Nina & Nika Son, known for their sophisticated selections at among others Hamburg’s Golden Pudel Club, will lead you into the night.


Atelier 210