Alexandra Phillips (NL), Mark Vernon (UK), Julia Reidy & Morten Joh (DE), Nika Son (DE), Das Ding (NL)


After curating multiple concerts in Roodkapje, Futura Resistenza is hosting a very special label night! Expect an evening full of groundbreaking performances and concerts.

Futura Resistenza is a label and platform from Brussels and Rotterdam, that operates somewhere on the border between performance, music and visual arts. Roodkapje invited the label to program a series of concerts in our venue. Throughout this year they’ve invited musicians and artists who already have a connection with the label, as well as people who they simply admire and wanted to see perform.
DJ – Lucija Gregov 20:00 – 02:00
LIVE Alexandra Phillips  20:30
LIVE Mark Vernon  21:00
LIVE Julia Reidy & Morten Joh 22:00
LIVE Nika Son  23:00
LIVE Das Ding 00:00
Roodkapje, Rotterdam