zweikommasieben x MMODEMM


w/ Nika Son, FM Aether, Carl Simon, Jolly, zweikommasieben DJs


Since 2015, MMODEMM has been releasing music by artists such as Felix Kubin, Das Ding, Hypnobeat, Container, Wilted Woman, Nick Klein, Nika Son, Yung Prado, dane//close, Machine Woman, As Longitude, and Palmbomen II. The Frankfurt-based label’s compelling selection lines up uncannily with zweikommasieben’s tastes. That is why the Swiss magazine teams up with MMODEMM for a collaborative night at Umbo featuring Hamburg resident and Golden Pudel affiliate Nika Son (live), FM Aether, Carl Simon, Jolly, and zweikommasieben DJs.


Nika Son – LIVE


Carl Simon – DJ

Jolly – DJ

zweikommasieben DJs


zweikommasieben is a Swiss magazine that has been devoted to the documentation of contemporary music and sounds since the summer of 2011.


at UMBO, Zürich