Channel Sunday

Nika Son – mnemonic string


A reciprocal glow at the edge of the retina, a confused bleeping in the cochlea – in the last episode of Channel Sundays Nika Son presents a noisy sketch in space.


mnemonic string is a performance: an ensemble of objects, devices, people and sounds that linger in the dark, take shape and disappear. The visual elements only materialize when touched by light, whereas the sound moves more freely, insubstantially. It eludes the mise-en-scène, plays with coincidences and shapes its own way through space.


One’s attention is held by the echoes of sensory perception, (dis)orientation, repetition, reverberation and its dispersion. How do perceptions link up in space? Which memories are shared by both eye and ear? Can sound bristle? – And what on earth does cranstrikzss mean?


Beginn 15:30 Uhr
Kunsthaus Hamburg,

Klosterwall 15, 20095 Hamburg