Conrad Schnitzler „Manchmal artet es in Musik aus\' CONCERT: Nika Son & Stefan Schneider - Flyer-Vorderseite


Conrad Schnitzler “Sometimes it turns into music”

Book presentation


w/ Nika Son & Stefan Schneider

Talk, films, live sets.


at arkaoda Berlin


Since the early 1970s, Conrad Schnitzler (*1937 Düsseldorf – 2011 Dallgow) has been internationally revered as a pioneer of electronic music and a radical boundary-crosser in the use of sounds and images. Initially as a founding member of KLUSTER and as an employee of the early Tangerine Dream, in the following decades he developed a comprehensive and confusing body of work between Berlin, Düsseldorf and New York, which has not yet been fully developed to this day but continues to inspire artists all over the world . The Hamburg musician Nika Son dedicated a 2-day festival called Eruption to Conrad Schnitzler in 2018, which sought a diverse approach to Schnitzler. In 2022, Stefan Schneider co-curated an exhibition at the Kunsthalle Düsseldorf that focused on Schnitzler’s audio-visual work. The publication “Conrad Schnitzler—“Sometimes it degenerates into music” (Walther Koenig bookstore) has now been published, which summarizes the results of a two-year research into Conrad Schnitzler’s intermedia work of the 1970s and 1980s.

In a conversation, Nika Son and Stefan Schneider present their different perspectives on Schnitzler’s work and how they deal with it.

This is followed by two live sets in which both present their current musical work.