at Oscillation Festival



Thrilled to be part of this fantastic line-up and program.

I will perform a 8-channel sound and video piece on Sunday 5th May / 17pm.

It’s a work that i had started to develop last year during my time at the Q-O2 residency.


Scatter is a multi-channel sound performance with video, objects, and light. In her work, Nika Son observes the realms of sleeplessness (insomnia), flickering between fatigue, restlessness and yearning. The piece explores how our senses adapt in differing states, probing the distinctions between hearing and truly listening. In a world of constant stimuli and information, the artist plays with shifts in perception, memory, coincidence, and the varying sense of time, while blurring the distinction between what is audible and what is actually visible. Tones, noises, rhythms as well as voices, languages and ways of speaking interact with surrounding darkness and forced incidences of light.