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Nika Son



Futura Resistenza


Drawing from her compositions for Helena Wittmann’s film DRIFT (2017), Nika Son creates a sonic journey across the Atlantic Ocean. Following a weekend at the North Sea, one of Wittmann’s two protagonists embarks on a journey across the Atlantic from the Caribbean to the Azores, during which unpredictable waves and deep sleep foster a transformative experience.

Capturing the essence of this cinematic encounter through sound, Nika Son’s compositions allow the water itself to become a storyteller, immersing listeners in the resonating body of the boat and plunging them into the profound depth of the ever-shifting ocean.

Whether illuminated by daylight or veiled by night, the nature of this material world emerges through an exploration of the ocean as a distinct and tangible space, inviting contemplation of its transformative power. The line between reality and imagination blurs, and the waves echo the emotions of the voyage.


released April 22, 2024 on Futura Resistenza


All tracks are composed, recorded and mixed by Nika Son during 2017-2018
D5 and N5 are excerpts of the video-sound installation Wildness Of Waves by Helena Wittmann & Nika Son

All other tracks are excerpts of the original soundtrack of the film DRIFT by Helena Wittmann


Mastered by Kris Jakob (Tonal Bias)

Text by Theresa George

Lay-out by Jeroen Wille