Akustische Bänderdehnung w/ Nika Son


A radio show created by wonderful Toben Piel aka FM Aether aka Das Kinn, broadcasted on dublab Radio.
Now on their mixcloud archive website…next to many more great tape music flaneurs.

Toben invited me in august to wander around Hamburg while talking, climbing and listening to tapes from my wild cassette shelf.

very happy and honoured to being asked to contribute to this very special, entertaining and intimite way of creating a radio mix.

with great music on tape from my bag, with lovely homies: qp (aka Pose Dia), F#X, Cosmic Cars

and Human Heads, Das Ding, Pakasteet, Ubek, …Georgian chorals


Akustische Bänderdehnung explores the winding wonders and hissy oddities of the tape universe on a monthly basis.

An audible journey through mixes, features and interviews by Frankfurts own Toben Piel aka FM Aether.