photo by: Öncü Gültekin

time runs so fast
Papiripar is still resonating.
my post-papiripar mix for Mutant Radio

with pieces of most of the invited artists and others that are in my ear now and then and always


thank you so much for all the music !


Tot Onyx – Ishi Rhythm

Muqata’a – Quboor Mamila

Mazen Kerbaj – i always dreamt to be a guitar player / Just the three of us

Dali Guru & The Polyphonic Swarm – Lolutuuum

Roberto Musci – Shadow Player

France Sauvage – Brex me down

Thomas Lehn & Marcus Schmickler – Gelb

DJ Die Soon – Jon Stewart and Colonel Sanders with dog / Rantworth

PLF – Pop(e) Lost Faith

Phew – New World

Lolina – Chance

Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson & Andy Heck Boyd – Mr Trampoline Man

Kinzua – Domestic affair

Nihiloxica – 190819

Inkasso – Familiendrama

Manja Ristic & Mark Vernon – Pjesma mora / Upao u raj

Hainbach – Tremors

Jennifer Walshe – Guillaume de Machaut_ Messe de Notre Dame, Agnus Dei

Saint Abdullah – Pluto’s porn

Nihiloxica – 160819

Pouya Ehsaei – #8

Dali Muru & Polyphonic Swarm – Bath Philosopher

eRikm – Lux Payllettes

Mika Levi & Oliver Coates – county h / say good bye to everyone