commissioned radio productions

Becky Šik & Nika Son  TONFALL – Remember, I must use the stairs

Saturday, 2nd September, 12pm – 12.30pm  + Sunday, 3rd September, 6 – 6.30pm


Two strangers matched together, their practices intertwine

A blank page

Growing from there

An open cupboard buzzes and humms

Sending snippets in stolen moments

The circle drops, opening a wide and generous hole

SlippageTalking, passing, exchanging, reasoning, corresponding, joking, transposing

Systems cycle in loops

Accents, language, tones, intonations, cues, pitch, syllables


The megalithic Ouroboros fun machine that is Barbie

Touching an elephant

Circles, water, falling sound

Escalators, circular systems, sleep, not sleep

Words that don’t exist


Walking with dizzy spells in saturation

Reflecting, twisting, alternating, translating, modulating, jumping from

On the edges – a Hallwall

Again the elephant, transponder, closed water, eyes

What does it mean to be open and what slips away?

Souffleuse, Echoschwelle, Tonfall

X1, mnemonic, delay

Asking, loops, deathbed

What’s wrong with my eyes, oscillating, brown noise


What is an orbit sound

Missing the radiator, voices, vertigo

I could spell it fownetikally/ foʊˈnet̬.ɪ.kəl.i

Meter eater

Mi devas uzi la ŝtuparon


This piece was developed during a week long residency at CCA funded by the Goethe-Institut Glasgow in collaboration with Radiophrenia.