8 DEC 22



Golden Pudel Club



(L.I.E.S/Suction Records/Nation/…)

A vinyl and cassette collector since his teenage years, Beau Wanzer has forged a musical culture around more or less obscure industrial projects. Influenced by the European EBM of the 80s, he released his first record on L.I.E.S., followed by a number of techno releases with punk overtones, testifying to his love for live music and analogue machines. He also collaborated with Traxx on Mutant Beat Dance, with Maoupa Mazzochetti on De-Bons-en-Pierre and with two friends on Corporate Park.

11 OCT 22

Akustische Bänderdehnung w/ Nika Son


A radio show created by wonderful Toben Piel aka FM Aether aka Das Kinn, broadcasted on dublab Radio.
Now on their mixcloud archive website…next to many more great tape music flaneurs.

Toben invited me in august to wander around Hamburg while talking, climbing and listening to tapes from my wild cassette shelf.

very happy and honoured to being asked to contribute to this very special, entertaining and intimite way of creating a radio mix.

with great music on tape from my bag, with lovely homies: qp (aka Pose Dia), F#X, Cosmic Cars

and Human Heads, Das Ding, Pakasteet, Ubek, …Georgian chorals


Akustische Bänderdehnung explores the winding wonders and hissy oddities of the tape universe on a monthly basis.

An audible journey through mixes, features and interviews by Frankfurts own Toben Piel aka FM Aether.

13 OCT 22


NO BRA live

No Bra is an electronic dance and industrial solo act formed in the UK in 2003 and based in NYC since 2010.

No Bra’s confrontational and gender ambiguous performances deal with sexual fantasy, morality and performance of social rules among other things, undermining a level of comfort expected in consuming pop culture by women and marginalized groups in particular.

No Bra had an underground hit with the song “Munchausen”, has released 3 full length albums, several singles and compilations and is featured on tracks by Arca and Mykki Blanco. She has collaborated with the Raincoats, Wolfgang Tillmans, Slava Mogutin, Abdu Ali, Bruce LaBruce among others, and written and performed original songs for the Vivienne Westwood FW ’20 show in Paris. She has performed at the Tate Gallery, the Hayward Gallery, the Centre Pompidou, the ICA London, Artists’ Space NYC, MoMa, Performa NYC, Sonic Acts, numerous gig venues and clubs, as well as opening for acts like the Gossip, Patrick Wolf and Yves Tumor.

Fleurop & Nika Son & Ratkat

2 OCT 22




Eyül Deniz, Cid Hohner, Nika Son, Baernd Anders, Gazza, Semi Nice, Elazer, DJ AOL



Hallo Radio

10 SEPT 22

Alexandra Phillips (NL), Mark Vernon (UK), Julia Reidy & Morten Joh (DE), Nika Son (DE), Das Ding (NL)


After curating multiple concerts in Roodkapje, Futura Resistenza is hosting a very special label night! Expect an evening full of groundbreaking performances and concerts.

Futura Resistenza is a label and platform from Brussels and Rotterdam, that operates somewhere on the border between performance, music and visual arts. Roodkapje invited the label to program a series of concerts in our venue. Throughout this year they’ve invited musicians and artists who already have a connection with the label, as well as people who they simply admire and wanted to see perform.
DJ – Lucija Gregov 20:00 – 02:00
LIVE Alexandra Phillips  20:30
LIVE Mark Vernon  21:00
LIVE Julia Reidy & Morten Joh 22:00
LIVE Nika Son  23:00
LIVE Das Ding 00:00
Roodkapje, Rotterdam

08 SEPT 22

MARK VERNON (Gagarin/Ultra Eczema/Entr’acte/Kye/….)


will perform a live soundtrack to an extended cut of the film ‚Tape Letters from the Waiting Room’ directed by Steven McInerney, also released as an LP on the Psyché Tropes label last year. An existential drama exploring the universal themes of death and rebirth ‚Tape Letters from the Waiting Room‘ is an experiment in film archaeology and magnetic memory as it navigates past life experiences. Shifting in succession from the mundane to the metaphysical, the film is composed of extant 16mm found footage from the past century and features an original soundtrack by MARK VERNON culled from his collection of domestic tape recordings, audio letters, found sounds and other lost voices.
Mark Vernon is a Glasgow based sound artist who works with found tapes and acousmatic presence. His oeuvre explores themes of magnetic memory, audio archaeology, voyeurism and nostalgia.


Trailer Film: https://www.psyche-tropes.com/


playing records before and after:

Felix Kubin & Nika Son

18 AUG 22

SOUNDCUTE presents:
YVES DE MEY – live
NIKA SON – live
QUAI ALLON // Entr’acte label – dj
at Café Central – Brussels

12 AUG 22


Kunsthalle Düsseldorf

Manchmal artet es in Musik aus


The aim of the project Conrad Schnitzler: “Sometimes it gets out of hand and turns into music”, which includes an exhibition and a festival program, is to reassess the extensive work of Conrad Schnitzler (*1937 in Düsseldorf, †2011 in Berlin).

In the exhibition, the audiovisual works of the sculptor, musician, composer, as well as video, performance, and conceptual artist will be brought together and made tangible. The festival program invites Schnitzler’s contemporaries and successors to intervene in spaces at the Kunsthalle Düsseldorf and to contextualize and reflect on his work through discussions, installations, performances, screenings, and concerts.

To this day, Schnitzler is revered around the world as a pioneer of electronic music, even though he did not seek to make music himself and strictly rejected the commercial sale of his works. A lively international network developed around him, which propagated and realized the free circulation, reproduction, and performance of his audio and visual works. Schnitzler’s artistic legacy will now be institutionally recognized for the first time together with the artistic community around him.

Participating artists: Conrad Schnitzler, Noemi Büchi, Cengiz Mengüç, Ken Montgomery, Ulrike Rosenbach, Wolfgang Seidel, Nika Son, Tolouse Low Trax, Keiko Yamamoto, and many others


The exhibition is curated by Stefan Schneider (artist, musician) and Linnea Semmerling (Inter Media Art Institute) with Gregor Jansen and Alicia Holthausen (both Kunsthalle Düsseldorf).


12th August

concerts by

Tolouse Low Trax

Nika Son

Noemi Büchi


7 AUG 22









script & direction & camera HELENA WITTMANN

music and sound design NIKA SON

assistant director LUISE DONSCHEN

Production and costume design ANNA OSTBY

Dramaturgical advice BIRGIT GLOMBITZA


Underwater images KEVIN SEMPE

Microscopic images VILIUS MACHIULSKIS


Color grading and mastering TIM LIEBE


Casting Marseille and production management JULIE AGUTTES


Coproduction CHRISTOPHE BOUFFIL, FRED PREMEL, JULIE AGUTTES (Tita Productions, France)

28 JUL 22

live: Inkasso & ML (Ósare! /Kashual Plastik),
djs: Ratkat & Nika Son


Inkasso (Ósare! / Kashual Plastik)
Turbulent synths ooze and oscillate, roaming like searchlight beacons across darkened shores. The experimental and idiosyncratic sound of duo Inkasso explores the feeling of being cast adrift in disorientating, mechanical worlds. In the studio, the pair jam with drills, string instruments, field recordings and everyday objects to create a hypnotic cacophony. Hear the penny drop on ‚Asso,’ chains rattle on ‘Träume aus Draht;’ the junglist murk of ‘Tag der Imker,’ and the sharp, crystalline beat of ‘Punkervirtel.’ Inkasso invites you to get lost in the uncanny spaces between dub, drone and techno; static introspection and the primal desire to dance.


ML (Kashual Plastik)
Everything makes me dream…
Id comes to life achromatic, briefly thoroughly illuminated by light. Instantly colors leak from above and slowly darkness covers the spreadsheet with all that many allegorical, symbolic, mystic shades. Noble, good, useful, mean, unnecessary, common, and beautiful. Mélancolies du voyage, floating in an ocean of mixed ratios.


Golden Pudel

20 JUL 22

a special 2-day event with a lot of great artists hosted by Kashual Plastik


Wednesday 20.07. – 8pm


J. Stoy

Mark Harwood

A.K. Klosowski

Nika Son





Thursday 21.07. – 8pm



Pierre Bastien

Nein Rodere

Red Brut

M. Klein



Laura Not


Insatallation, Video and Grafik


Laura Not

Edition D Art

Malvern Brume

A Method To Exist

1 JUN 22

I’m very happy to be part of this very special exhibition project



You can listen to all sound works until 4th sept !

and watch out for the sunset at dawn !

with:::: Ferdinand Försch, Douniah, Louis d’Heudières, TINTIN PATRONE, Tam Thi Pham, Jesseline Preach, Carlos Andrés Rico, Freja Sandkamm, Nika Son und Derya Yıldırım.

For my multi-channel sound piece „Echoes of Insomnia“ i talked to several people who live between day and night. They recount their perception and memories of sleep / awake states – and the moments in between. In the piece these echos dissolve the boundaries between body and mind, and thoughts repeatedly elude their grasp.
Thank you: Janine Jembere, Lilli Strasdas, Martin Jehmel, Bernd Meiners, Ellen Doeg und Yannick Kaftan
Location: Schuppen 29, Baakenhöft, HafenCity Hamburg

8 APR 22

urban string »state of [‘stasis]«


In seinem Buch Experimental Music. Cage and Beyond sieht der Komponist Michael Nyman den Tonkünstler La Monte Young als Vater des musikalischen Minimalism. Die Ursprünge dieser prozesshaften Musik findet er überraschenderweise im europäischen Serialismus. So erkannte Young im Spätwerk von Anton Webern nicht nur die Fortsetzung des Prinzips der „ständigen Variation“, das die europäische Musikgeschichte bestimmt. Er zog außerdem Inspiration aus Elementen, die einen ganz anderen Weg wiesen: einen Zustand der Richtungslosigkeit, eine Art musikalische Stille, „die als ‚STASIS‘ gehört werden konnte, weil dieselbe Form über die gesamte Länge des Stücks verwendet wird … die gleiche Information wird immer wieder wiederholt“, so Nyman.

Young fand dieses Prinzip der „STASIS“, also der Stockung, auch in Musiken außerhalb der westlichen Tradition vor – und in ganz alter Musik: „Höhepunkt und Richtungsweisung gehören zu den wichtigsten leitenden Faktoren westlichen Komponierens seit dem 13. Jahrhundert, während die Musik vor dieser Zeit, von den ältesten Gesängen über das Organum bis Guillaume de Machaut, durchaus ‚STASIS‘ als strukturelles Konzept in der Art verwendete, wie es auch östliche musikalische Systeme taten.“


Dieser Abend erforscht Vorbilder und Nachfolger:innen des Minimalismus von La Monte Young und Guillaume de Machaut bis hin zu Julia Wolfe und Lou Reed.


6.4.22 >> Bucerius Kunstforum, Hamburg

8.4.22 >> Resonanzraum, Hamburg



Mix for Chambre Noire


with music from: Teiji Ito/Maya Deren, Varvara Stepanova, Mark Vernon, Yves de Mey, Human Heads, Nika Son, Tom White, Phew, Moor Mother, Lil Asaf, Steven Roden, Tomoko Sauvage, Graham Lambkin, Ana da Silva & Phew, ß 70, Kiera Mulhern, Asmus Tietchens & Miki Yui, Saint Abdullah, John Kameel Farah & Thomas Brinkmann

15 JAN 22

Nika Son & Guests / Craving Coincidence – CC No.2


A night of solo sets & collaborations with



Maximilian Glass

Nika Son


TiNTiN Patrone



For the series „CC No. 2 – Craving Coincidence“, ausland invited six musicians to curate one long night each, in between concert evening, salon and club night.
The start of „CC No.2“ was disrupted by the first wave of the pandemic in spring 2020, which unfortunately also affected Nika Son’s CC2-edition under the title „Underwater“, which was already announced for April 2020 and would have featured a larger line-up including many international artists for a programme between film, live-concerts and sound art.
Other than we hoped, the pandemic has everything but eased in the winter of 2021/22. Thus, Nika and ausland decided for a reconception, presenting tonight’s format as a dense and compact concert night of solo sets and possible surprise collaborations involving electronic musicians who’re based in Berlin or close nearby.

Cae La Noche


Es fällt die Nacht/Cae La Noche


by Helena Wittmann & Nika Son


A live-performance within a 6-channel sound and 2-channel video installation.

Premiere on Saturday, 11th September 2021 at Vanguardias live / Filmadrid

At El Instante Fundación, Madrid


La nuit tombe. Two projectors whir in the dark, their bright beams covered up. A masked crowd gathers and sits on the floor. Six speakers, tall and small, are scattered around us. Cicadas join in their daily celebration of sunset. Sound fills in social distances, caressing our skins. On the wall a fountain fades out of darkness. A female body lays behind it, her back turned to us. Taxis swirling around keep their night watch. She dissolves back into darkness, and so do I. Side-by-side, two screens probe the many shapes of nighttime. Bats waltz around out-of-focus street lights. My eye sinks into the concrete guts of a metro station. In ghostly slow motion, human bodies merge into the multilayered architecture. For thirty minutes, Nika Son and Helena Wittmann suspend all coordinates of daylight vision. Eerie sonic compositions alienate landscapes while neon lightning flattens all shadows. No depth, no opacity, no distances. I experience a world of ultrasonic radiology.

What is it like to be a bat? This famous philosophical interrogation has come to reflect our inherent limitations to bridge the gap of knowledge and communication with other species. Yet, in pandemic wake, much remains to be learned from bats beyond our viral likenesses. For months, the whole world fell into slumber. Night swallowed up optical legibility and daytime certainties. Physical boundaries were blurred. But domestic invisibility also opened spaces of possibility for our ears. In Es Fällt die Nacht, Wittmann and Son take up bats’ challenge – to feel the night on our eardrums. It is techno dancers’ womb, nightshifters’ cave. Like bats, I listen to pulsing lightwaves and see-through walls. Like bats, I enjoy the rugged surfaces resounding in my stomach. Like bats, I trade sharpness and colorfulness for intimacy.

(Text by Jade de Cock, 2021)

21 SEP 21


Zodiak Festival – Bildet Nischen!

at Hebbel am Ufer, HAU 1 – Berlin


With Hans-Joachim Roedelius, Manuel Göttsching, Günter Schickert, Wolfgang Seidel, Taste Tribes (Alfred 23 Harth, Hans Joachim Irmler, Wolfgang Seidel, Günter Müller), Nika Son, Galina Ozeran, Etkin Çekin, Detlef Krenz, Sebastian Lee Philipp, Monika Werkstatt (Gudrun Gut, Midori Hirano, Islaja, Pilocka Krach), The Notwist, Die ANGEL (Dirk Dresselhaus & Ilpo Väisänen), Christoph Dallach & Andreas Dorau, Valentina Magaletti, Andrea Belfi, Katharina Ernst, Marta Salogni, Air Cushion Finish, Niklas Kraft, Sven-Åke Johansson, Jan Jelinek, Contagious, Datashock, Kulku


“Bildet Nischen! Rückkopplungen aus dem Zodiak Free Arts Lab” (“Build niches! Feedback from the Zodiak Free Arts Lab”) examines the club’s historical influence, illuminating the connections among the political, social and cultural conditions that shaped the scene that emerged. Which conflicts release creative energy that continue to manifest in (pop) cultural developments today? How does counterculture form, and what kinds of spaces are needed for that to happen? Can Zodiak’s traces and connections be found in the cultural practice of later subcultural developments in the Berlin underground? To this day, these questions remain relevant to the development of artistic positions that HAU is exploring with a festival programme of concerts, collaborations, installations, talks and a lecture performance.


my concert is on the 21th Sept at 19h

>>>   https://www.hebbel-am-ufer.de/en/programme/pdetail/zodiak-nika-son/


Internationales Sommerfestival 2021


N. Son, A. Kahrs, F. Kubin, C. Marthaler, M. Melián, W. Müller,:
Für Dieter Roth


I composed a Sound Piece walking through the Dieter Roth Foundation in Hamburg, while recompiling and garbling the poem

Mein Mund ist ein Auge by Dieter Roth


Zwischen U und dem Nix

[Mein Gehirn ist mein Magengrab]



Stimmen: Sanna, Dora, Eliska, Zuzana, Tatyana, Alice, Vitoria, Nika

Übersetzung: google-translate


Danke: Dieter Roth, Kathrin Haaßengier, Marcel Bisevic, Kris Jakob




some live performances and sound works


25/7 poetry&sound > Studio im Hochhaus, Berlin

August > Klangturm Veddel

4-20/8 Für Dieter Roth (Audio-Guide), Dieter Roth Museum > Kampnagel sommerfestival

6/8 MFOC Pudel in Rothenburgsort, Hamburg

19/8 Hans Resonanz, Hamburg

5/9 Heart of noise festival, Innsbruck

12/9 Vanguardias live (Video-Sound Installation with Helena Wittmann), Madrid

21/9 Zodiak Festival, HAU Berlin


NEXT: Klangturm Veddel


Hamburg now has a sound tower, and it is located in Veddel, a district close to the city centre that is unusual in many ways. In the tower of the Lutheran Immanuelkirche, which was rebuilt in 1952, the bells no longer ring; now sounds come from loudspeakers. The sound programmes by 12 artists and a school class serve like chimes to signal the time. The sounds can be heard from 01.07.2021 to 31.07.2022 every day except Mondays from 8 am to 8 pm at quarter-hourly intervals.

Initiated and programmed by Benjamin Brunn


visit Veddel already in July….beautiful sounds from Andrew Pekler every quarter hour !

27 MAY 21



Due to the corona pandemic Klub Katarakt Festival #16 will take place without live-audience and with reduced line-up


Digital-stream via KAMPNAGEL



Matthias Kaul in memoriam

Ensemble L’art pour l’art & Frauke Aulbert

The centerpiece of the evening is a memorial concert for Matthias Kaul. The percussionist and composer passed away on July 1, 2020. klubkatarakt presented Kaul in the 2014 edition as a guest composer with his music theater piece Relax. In past editions, he often appeared as a performer and was also collegially linked to the festival, among other things by lending instruments.

To commemorate this notable musician and exceptional human being, klubkatarakt dedicates a portrait concert, conceived by flutist Astrid Schmeling. The program includes five very different compositions by Kaul, ranging from solo to ensemble pieces. Performers are the musicians of the ensemble L’art pour l’art, which was co-founded by Kaul himself, and the vocal artist and singer Frauke Aulbert.



Nika Son

Nika Son is a musician, artist, film composer, dj and curator, based in Hamburg. In her work, sounds and noises of different origins are translated into an unusual musical language, as if watching the audible. She elaborates her compositions from modified and fragmented field recordings, interwoven with analog synth surfaces, broken rhythms, scattered vocal scraps and filtered tapeloops.

For Klub Katarakt Nika Son will perform fragments from her album „To Eeyore“ (2020) mixed with new material. Next to her live-set she will show a video work especially created for this performance. It’s a collage playing with shade, darkness and light, interrupted by visual thoughts and memories that appeared and disappeared while commuting from her home flat in St. Pauli to her studio at Veddel in Hamburg.



Huthwelker & Hoffmann

René Huthwelker and Carl-John Hoffmann will perform an audiovisual concert. In his solo performances, Huthwelker uses analog-synthetic feedback loops to create a form of repetitive minimalism, which gradually consolidates itself into pulsating structures. Video artist Hoffmann adds another aesthetic dimension to Huthwelker’s sound layer through his live visuals. Both artists are members in the polymedial artist collective Niedervolthoudini from Hamburg.

No you II

Soundpiece (20min) for PARA


PARA – Unset Time and Pace⁠ is still on display until 30th April 2021:


Together with more than 40 national and international artists from the fields of experimental music, sound art, new radio concepts, performance and sound installation, PARA presents a radio takeover and digital sound exhibition that intervenes in the inherent linearity of conventional radio programs and offers versatile artistic proposals on the subject of sound.


Program & participating artists:⁠


[MONRHEA] / Abdullah Miniawy / Aho Ssan / autotom.ia / Benedikt Brachtel & Black Pearl De Almeida / Constanza Bizraelli / Dominik Lekavski / Farzané / Giulia Zabarella / Hampus Lindwall & Studio for Propositional Cinema / Hanne Lippard / Institute for Incongruous Translation (Natascha Sadr Haghighian and Ashkan Sepahvand) / Jan Erbelding / Jay Glass Dubs & ML / Kalas Liebfried / Katatonic Silentio / KMRU / Konrad Wehrmeister & Jakob Braito / Lea Bertucci / Martin Brugger & Carlos Cipa / Martina Lussi & Tim Shaw / Mira Mann / Nika Son / Noémi Büchi / Olaf Nicolai / OMSK Social Club & Alexander lezzi / Perila / PYUR / Rosa Anschütz / Sol Rezza / Wisdom Warriors / Zoë Mc Pherson




with remixes by TOLOUSE LOW TRAX, MM/KM and NIKA SON !


>> Bandcamp or via boomkat, anost, forced exposure, kompakt, rush hour….

Cwelle Mix for Zelle

Cwelle mix for Zelle (hosted by Charlotte Simon & Anna Hjalmarsson) on Radio 80000


First hour Nika Son, second hour F#X.

Recorded Sunday night while waiting for the blizzard.


Originally broadcasted on 9th February 2021



thank you for the music by

Michael Speers, Ka Baird, Jessica Ekomane, Ubek, Moormother, Bernard Parmegiani, Phew, Bruno Spoerri, Mark Vernon, Lil asaf, Ghédalia Tazartès, Marc Barreca, Pakasteet Ja Draama-Helmi, Group A, Marja Ahti, Possessed Factory, Mylan Hoezen, Black To Comm, Bourbonese Qualk, Anna Holmer, Tomoko Sauvage, RVDS, Vladimir Ussachevsky, Flora Yin-Wong, Daphne Oram, Mark Fell & Will Guthrie, Otto Sidharta, Mentocome, Aleksi Perälä, Ena, Auvinen, Electronome, Leila, Russell Haswell


photo: Phil Struck


a commissioned work for RADIOPHRENIA GLASGOW




a piece of walk

30″18 min


wander in square waves | from my thought i’m at my shoes and from my step i’m on the ground, the surface of matter | asphalt | a moving bicycle chain spinning sound into my right ear | my notions roam again | i deliberately step aside | gras | a crumpled piece of foil | it resonates | bits of voices carrying information | i know that street | do i? | it used to sound different | treading on some pebble stones, chrunching them |  the underground is empty | sleeping not sleeping | aiming for a rhythm | getting lost | not marching but walking along lines | more lines | trying to avoid them | throbbing | noises appear loader this year | a puddle’s echo | my feet shuffle | imagining quadrat II without a middle | is it a rumble or a murmur behind that pole | trying to unlearn what i hear and see | wind purrs | a crow just shat on me | i remember | traipse is a word i didn’t know | meander


“…thinking is generally thought of as doing nothing in a production-oriented culture, and doing nothing is hard to do. It’s best done by disguising it as doing something, and the something closest to doing nothing is walking.” [Rebecca Solnit in Wanderlust]


It will be broadcasted on

Tuesday, 17th November, 12pm – 12.30pm

Wednesday, 18th November, 3pm – 3.30pm

(GMT +00:00)


RADIOPHRENIA is a temporary art radio station – a two-week exploration into current trends in sound and transmission arts.

24 HOURS A DAY: 9th – 22nd November, 2020

The broadcast schedule includes a series of 20 newly commissioned radio works, live shows and pre-recorded features.

As in previous years the majority of the programme is made up from selections submitted to an international open call for sound art and radio works.

>>  https://radiophrenia.scot/


22 AUG – 11 OKT


Corona Sound System


Kunstverein Hamburg

22nd Aug – 11th Oct 2020



Die Apotheke (Konstanze Habermann, Bela B & Thomas Zipp), Jenny Beyer, Lucrecia Dalt, Carola Ernst, Tobias Euler, Pascal Fuhlbrügge, Graindelavoix/Björn Schmelzer, Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Holly Herndon, Annika Kahrs, Felix Kubin, Hanne Lippard, Melissa E Logan, Thies Mynther, Charlotte Pfeiffer, Robert Rehnig, Jenny Schäfer, Schwabinggrad Ballet, Daniel Schulz, Nika Son, Mounira Al Solh, Jakob Spengemann, Veit Sprenger, Wolfgang Tillmans, C. W. Winter


For this exhibition i worked on my composition

Surfacing underneath you sea asu lapis

and transformed it into a 6-channel sound installation.



9 APR 20

Der Geheime Salon – Randständige elektronische Hausmusik


Folge 3: TIEFTEICH – Eine Eule sucht den Tunnel


„Der Geheime Salon“ ist eine Konzertreihe von MMODEMM und Künstlerhaus Mousonturm und wird gefördert durch die Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien im Rahmen des Bündnisses internationaler Produktionshäuser. Für die Dauer der Schließung des Mousonturms verlegen wir den Geheimen Salon in den virtuellen Raum und funken von dort jeden Donnerstag live nach Sonnenuntergang klangliche Randnotizen in den Äther.


watch Recap


******* ALBUM RELEASE *******


Nika Son
To Eeyore


Cat listening to music

(Chris Marker)


Mastered by Yves De Mey

Artwork by Allon Kaye


Limited edition LP (200 copies)
Published by Entr’acte and Stellage, 2020 (E249/005)


18 FEB 20

Live Silent Film Scoring of

Thirty Years of Motion Pictures


at Astra Theater in Essen

within the scope of the exhibition „Der montierte Mensch„, Museum Folkwang


At the beginning, Thirty Years of Motion Pictures (The March of the Movies) was merely a presentation/lecture given by Otto Nelson at two National Board of Review conferences, in 1925 and 1926, under the title Early History and Growth of the Motion Picture Industry. These proved so successful that work on a film version began, with historian Terry Ramsaye (who around the same time published the seminal study A Million and One Nights: A History of the Motion Picture) coming onboard the production.

Thirty Years of Motion Pictures, as the film was originally known (The March of the Movies was added later), tried to sum up every aesthetic and technical development till then, ran for some three hours, and was never supposed to be commercially released, only screened in connection with activities by the National Board of Review, as a fundraiser.

Here’s what remains of this meta-moviemaking milestone, given an extra layer of beauty by the live music performance from Nika Son.

09 FEB 20




33.10.3402 (L.i.e.s. /ESP Institute/Brutaż)


33.10.3402 is the code name of Serbian-born artist Nenad Markovic whose been recording electronica mechanica, occult modular sonics and deconstructed psychedelic techno for all of the leading leftfield labels – L.I.E.S., ESP Institute, Brutaż, Kunstkopf and Music From Memory offshoot Second Circle. Also a remarkable DJ who holds a residency at Belgrade club institutions 20/44 and Drugstore, Nenad’s sets are a constant sound collage that barely uses more than two tracks in their original form.


Ratkat & Nika Son


at Golden Pudel

3-6 OCT 19


Festival for pop, art, rotation

3 – 6 October 2019

+ Westwerk, Hamburg

+ Studio 45, Künstlerhaus Wendenstraße

+ Barboncino Zwölphi, Golden Pudel Club




Papiripar will present its second edition from 3 to 6 October 2019, again evoking a swirl of experimental pop music, art, film and performance. The pigeonhole labeled POP will be metamorphosed, stretched in all directions, blown up, twisted and re-transformed. Music fans intermingle with art geeks, pub philosophers encounter dancing devils, noise meets vociferous singing. Among disparate spheres, intersections will be exposed and interdisciplinary influences will be illuminated, following the motto: More art in music, more music in art!



Céline Gillain

L.F.T. + Rosaceae

John T. Gast

Jac Berrocal + David Fenech + Vincent Epplay

Ka Baird

Aaron Dilloway

La Chatte

Secluded Bronte

FM Aether

Marc Matter + Stefan Römer



Graw Böckler

in collaboration with Anadol and Paul Arámbula



Gijs Gieskes



Das Echo des Tages


Papiripar will once again take place in the artists spaces Westwerk and Wendenstraße, two venues that look back upon a 25-year tradition of self-organization beyond established structures. Barboncino Zwölphi, a new cultural hub located on the upper floor of the famous Golden Pudel Club, is added as a third venue.

The festival is curated by Florian Bräunlich, Felix Kubin and Nika Son.

23 SEP 19


DMRA (Lyon, Mmodemm/TCT)



Ozan Maral (Arkaoda/Deform)

Frans Æmbient (Kashual Plastik/ Arkaoda)

Ratkat & Nika Son


DMRA (Danse Musique Rhone-Alpes) is a radical music solo project, bringing together an organic conception of dance music along with shrewd beats and dirty hiss.

An 8 tracks cassette recorder is talking with a drum machine, a sequencer and a DIY analog synth, all surrounded by some live percussions. Textures are created live with the analog tape medium. DMRA is also part of Deux Boules Vanille and Salsa and runs the tape music label Transcachettetapes.





Ozan Maral

After running one of the oldest record shops in Istanbul, Deform Music, and booking for arkaoda Istanbul, he is now based in Berlin and currently partner and promoter at arkaoda Berlin club. He plays a wide variety of music styles from cosmic synth oddities to industrial waves, disco and beyond.



Frans Æmbient

is the founder of the excellent label Kashual Plastik, he curates the monthly music show Plastik Universe on cashmere radio and is booker and resident at arkaoda Berlin. With his label he is building a catalogue of exciting and diverse records by artists like Georgia, Andy Rantzen or Group A. All releases come with a lot of attention and care for the artwork.



22 SEP 19


Pudel Produkte 29


Compilation, LP

Ken Montgomery, Wolfgang Seidel, Asmus Tietchens, Tintin Patrone, Felix Kubin, Esmark, Lena Willikens & Sarah Szczesny, Carl & Sohn, Jessica Broscheit & Mark Boombastik, RVDS, Crystal Penalosa und Phuong-Dan.


Split-Single, 7inch

Conrad Schnitzler & Ken Montgomery

Asmus Tietchens


ERUPTION is an outburst of creaking energies, unconventional ideas, arhythmic thoughts, cacophonous images and musical phantasms.

ERUPTION is also the name of the second album by Kluster, a band project of the musician and video artist Conrad Schnitzler, who died in 2011, together with his colleagues Dieter Moebius and Hans-Joachim Roedelius.

ERUPTION was also the name of a two-day festival that took place in July 2018 at the Golden Pudel Club in Hamburg.
For two days, artists and musicians from different generations and working in various fields met here, who were in one way or the other inspired by the comprehensive oeuvre Conrad Schnitzlers’, as well as by his free-spirited thoughts and actions.

The result was a multi-faceted programme of concerts, performances, sound and video installations, which resulted in the release of these two special records on Pudel Produkte, the house-own label of the Golden Pudel Club.

The single features a previously unreleased piece by Conrad Schnitzler & Ken Montgomery as well as a story told by Asmus Tietchens about his father and Schnitzler, who unwittingly crossed the Atlantic together on the steamboat Bornhofen in the late 1950s, one as an engineer, the other as a heater.

The LP brings together the festival’s invited artists, Schnitzler‘s contemporaries such as Ken Montgomery, Wolfgang Seidel and Asmus Tietchens, as well as young artists who developed works especially for ERUPTION. Among them are Lena Willikens & Sarah Szczesny with fragments from their performance Phantom Con Ballet, the DJ Phuong-Dan who composed a musical collage from the poem About Rhythmus and rhythm studies by Schnitzler, a piece from the performance of Felix Kubin, who uses a light scanner and his modular synthesizer to convert graphic notation into sound, a theatrical sound piece by Carl & Sohn (also known as Les Trucs), the producer and DJ RVDS, who interacted with the piece Tanz im Regen by Conrad Schnitzler and many more.

Initiated and curated by Nika Son, a musician and artist based in Hamburg.


Conrad Schnitzler (1937-2011) called himself an ‚intermedialist‘, he was a musician, composer, video and concept artist and is still considered one of the most important pioneers of electronic avant-garde music, beginning in the early 1970s. He was a founding member of the influential Krautbands Tangerine Dream and Kluster, co-founder of the legendary Zodiac Free Arts Lab in Berlin, and has inspired and influenced the work of many musicians around the world with his solo works and countless collaborations. Not only his enormous productivity was extraordinary, but also his artistic practice, which refused all criteria of commercial usability. Throughout his life he has not subjected himself to any musical rules. Freedom and independence always remained his highest premises.




25 JUL 19


25 July 2019  >> 7pm till 1am


Koerperpflege & Trommeln is a non-stationary radio format that occurs in irregular intervals and scales­—like a satellite that records a detailed picture of its surroundings before it disappears again for an indeterminate period of time.

In this onetime edition, Koerperpflege & Trommeln broadcasts live on the MS Seute Deern, a former tourist steamer located in HafenCity.


The format was developed by Cornelius Altmann, and can be individually shaped by the invited participants. Hence, it offers an opportunity to develop new approaches to the medium. The program will be broadcast on the entire ship but in the recording studio itself. This area will be closed to the audience so that the attention shifts from the artists to their contents. The program will also be broadcasted on an USW-frequency and as an online stream.


With Alex Solman, Alsen Rau, Nika Son, Iris Dankemeyer, Wilted Woman, and many more.

22 JUN 19


Strange Sounds From Beyond Festival


African Acid is the Future . AFRICAN HEAD CHARGE . Bbymutha . Calypso Steve . Clara! Y Maoupa . Ece Özel . Gesloten Cirkel . Islam chipsy & EEK . Joy Orbison . KAMMA & Masalo . Laraaji . Lulu & Mata Hari . Mabuta . Mdou Moctar . Mutant Beat Dance . Nika Son . Parrish Smith . Peder Mannerfelt . Sassy J . Sign Libra . Tapes . Vanligt Folk



wave count


A 44-minute wave-inspired montage by Wire contributors Wayne Marshall and Stefan Helmreich drawing on 70 pieces of music composed between 1830–2018. Featuring La Monte Young, Drexciya, Annea Lockwood, Margaret Bonds, Barry Truax, Xenakis, Ethel Smyth, and many more.


So honoured to be included into this superbly crafted epic mix. Dive in!