photo: Camilla Rehnstrand



A collab between  F#X (aka E.K.G.) & Nika Son


C was formed by Nika Son and F#X in late 2014 when they were given the chance to create an electro-acoustic space in a gallery room in Hamburg. Continuously working together since, they compose musical sculptures and collages that are not easily pigeon-holed.

They use a wide variety of analogue sound generators, from tape-machines, filters, self-made physical resonators, synthesizers, drum machines as well as the human voice. During the process of development, almost every element undergoes several stages of deformation, inventing denatured structures and spaces that can soothe and disturb at the same time.

Spacial textures, granular synthesis, abstract percussion, frozen sound, ripped voices.

Their first EP was released in autumn this year on the Hamburg-based label VIS.

Also available via boomkat and anost




photo: Ralf Köster

live at Nachtiville (Zeewolde/NL) 2015


live at Office du pain (Frankfurt) 2014


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