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Nika Son



Nika Breithaupt alias Nika Son works as a musician, artist, film composer, Dj after graduating in Fine Arts at the Art Academy in Hamburg in 2012.

Influenced by Musique Concrète and the outer space of electronic music, her compositions are built from deformed and fragmented fieldrecordings, interweaving with analogue synthesis, broken rhythms, rare voice scraps and modulated tape.

As a sound artist and film composer she became a dedicated hunter of extraordinary sounds, while experimenting with new and old technologies in music. Sounds of various origin are translated into a very unusual musical language, as if one watches the audible.

She has played at international festivals such as Intonal, Meakusma, IFFR, Klub Katarakt, Nuits Sonores etc. and released on various labels, such as Mmodemm, First Terrace Records, Sky Walking, Anti-Ghost Moon Ray and her own imprint Noctui.

In March 2020 her debut album To Eeyore was released on the belgian label Entr’acte.


Next to her solo project, she has been collaborating with various artists for many years now, foremost with the filmmaker Helena Wittmann and the musician F#X (C, Cwelle).

Furthermore she hosts regular art and music events at the Golden Pudel Club in Hamburg since 2011 with various international guests (Next Time, Noctuidae). In July 2018 she staged a two-day festival called Eruption, freely based on the musician and video artist Conrad Schnitzler. Since 2019, she has been curating the Papiripar Festival together with Felix Kubin and Florian Bräunlich.


As a DJ (also under Nikae), her waywardly sound is marked by the outer space of electronic music, spanning from musique concrete, (early) electronics, synth wave, Industrial, Kraut and experimental Techno.


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photo: Ralf Köster