23 SEP 19


DMRA (Lyon, Mmodemm/TCT)



Ozan Maral (Arkaoda/Deform)

Frans Æmbient (Kashual Plastik/ Arkaoda)

Ratkat & Nika Son


DMRA (Danse Musique Rhone-Alpes) is a radical music solo project, bringing together an organic conception of dance music along with shrewd beats and dirty hiss.

An 8 tracks cassette recorder is talking with a drum machine, a sequencer and a DIY analog synth, all surrounded by some live percussions. Textures are created live with the analog tape medium. DMRA is also part of Deux Boules Vanille and Salsa and runs the tape music label Transcachettetapes.





Ozan Maral

After running one of the oldest record shops in Istanbul, Deform Music, and booking for arkaoda Istanbul, he is now based in Berlin and currently partner and promoter at arkaoda Berlin club. He plays a wide variety of music styles from cosmic synth oddities to industrial waves, disco and beyond.



Frans Æmbient

is the founder of the excellent label Kashual Plastik, he curates the monthly music show Plastik Universe on cashmere radio and is booker and resident at arkaoda Berlin. With his label he is building a catalogue of exciting and diverse records by artists like Georgia, Andy Rantzen or Group A. All releases come with a lot of attention and care for the artwork.



12 JUN 19

blurred edges XX Next Time





Phillip Sollmann: Drehorgel

Joachim Schütz: Gitarre, präpariert

Nika Son: Synthesizer






Konzertbeginn: 22:00 Uhr


Nach einer längeren Pause wurde das Projekt PNIN letztes Jahr wiederbelebt und kommt nun zurück an dessen Ursprungsort, dem Golden Pudel Club. Joachim Schütz ist musikalischer Freigeist, Multi-Autodidakt und Nerd. Er lebt in Hamburg und hat mit Ellen Fullmann, Konrad Sprenger oder Metabolismus gearbeitet und ist Teil der Arnold Dreyblatt-Band.

Phillip Sollmann wird oft als Wanderer zwischen den Welten beschrieben. Neben seiner Tätigkeit als Produzent und international gebuchter DJ (Efdemin) mit Residenz im Berliner Berghain hat er u.a. mit Monophonie Musik für das Instrumentarium Harry Partchs geschrieben und mit Konrad Sprenger eine modulare, computergesteuerte Orgel gebaut.

Nika Son hat bildende Kunst in Hamburg studiert und arbeitet seither als Klangkünstlerin, Film-Sounddesignerin, DJ und Kuratorin von experimentellen Musikveranstaltungen. Ihre elektroakustischen Kompositionen wurden auf verschiedenen Labels veröffentlicht und sie tritt regelmäßig in wechselnden Formationen auf.


Next Time ist eine monatliche Musik- und Kunstveranstaltung im Golden Pudel Club seit 2011, kuratiert und musikalisch umrahmt von Ratkat & Nikae.


poster by Alex Solman ♥


Golden Pudel Club

15 MAY 19





MOLTO (Ominira/Mix Mup) – live


Molto is the electro-acoustic improv project of Lorenz Lindner aka Mix Mup, known for his productions on UK labels The Trilogy Tapes and Hinge Finger.

Molto builds abstract and subtle compositions and grooves from percussive instruments with minimal electronic touches. Like the sculptural work of Lorenz Lindner the music of Molto focuses on the beauty of the casual. His music is highly reduced, yet his adept play with dynamics/pauses/silent sections sweeps the audience away to a distant island, letting them sink into a sandbank of sound.


Lorenz Lindner’s first recordings as Molto were made for the radio. These commissioned pieces lead to the idea to produce highly atmospheric music one can most appropriately describe as library music. Molto focuses on sound aesthetics, abstract rhythms and narrative improvisations.


In 2017 Lindner started performing Molto live onstage which took the project to a new level. When Molto is improvising with custom built percussion, found objects, and mini synths the performance takes on the character of a sound installation.
In 2016 the LP „Versatile International Service“ was released on Kassem Mosse’s Ominira label with 18 miniatures ranging from 1 to 10 minutes.



Ratkat & Nikae


Golden Pudel club

22 APR 19

Next Time



RVDS (It’s/Uncanny Valley)



Ratkat & Nika Son


11 FEB 19




Mikro Kontrolleur



Ratkat & Nikae

Golden Pudel


MikroKonrolleur is an all-improvisation-instrument working with live sound input and modulation as well as with sampling and sample destruction. It was developed, designed, built and programmed by Katharina Hauke and Dominik Hildebrand at UdK Berlin. Katharina Hauke plays the MikroKontrolleur as a solo-performance and adapts the instrument for PLÜMMO.


PLÜMMO are Katharina Hauke and Nihad El-Kayed, an experimental electronic duo from Berlin. Their music ranges from noise to dancy, from structure to improvisation. They play live with computer, diy synthesizers and anlogue instruments.


With friendly support from VAMH