11 JAN 16




GEBROCHENE BEINE (kapitalspektakel / systemgüter / +)


Pest-Umgebungen mit Stimme


pure data & controllers & saxophone & sequencer & stimme & effekt & samples


You usually won’t be able to walk on it / there may have been a „crack“ sound and the shock and pain may cause you to feel faint, dizzy or sick / don’t try to realign any bones that are out of place / a doctor or surgeon may need to put them back into place. This is known as reduction / Plates, screws and rods will usually be left in place permanently unless they become a problem / it only shows signs of getting much more intense, focused, targeted, unyielding and galactically more boring / If our lives are a movie, this is the point where the future audience is shouting at the screen / fuck you, here’s a rainbow / But really, everybody knows. There’s a good living to be made in the service of death, however.


+ ratkat & nikae