To W(y)att



Wyatt asks Watt: „Is everything copasetic?“

„No“, says Watt, „nit not, it’s Knott!“


A multiple book, published at Materialverlag – HFBK in 2012, in a limited edition of 50 unique pieces.


KARAOKE is one part of a three-part work, which also includes a performance and a monitor video work. The book stands for itself but also relates to the performance, which in turn relates to a YouTube video of a live performance of the musician Robert Wyatt playing the song Alifib (Paris, 1975). see NOT NIT NOT NIT NO NOT

The works deal with the indistinct boundaries between self-representation and appropriation, imitation and the original, repetition and singularity, between attempt and failure. A tragi-comic study of contradictions within the self and in the given system.


25,5 cm x 20,5 cm, 44 pages, digitial colour printing, varied page formats, soft cover, adhesive binding