a collaboration with  Helena Wittmann


2-Channel Video, 4-Channel Sound Installation
18’ min
2016 + 2018


Ocean Waves are Sound Waves are Light Waves are Waves.


“WILDNESS OF WAVES” is controlled by the waves. To the astonishingly extensively spatial sound by Nika Son, this work allows us to coast down a tremendous surface full of natural beauty. The sea and its subtle magic, this infinite entity of time and space, is experienced through the eyes and ears and not through reason. It’s the size of the element, the idea of the eternal existence which incidentally underpins the sensual experience with life’s great questions. The first image of the waves’ force and incessancy, this large and often black as liquorice blanket of water already takes us into the middle of a drama that combines human smallness, death and disintegration with the friction of beauty and threat.” (Birgit Glombitza)