Nika Son & Janine Jembere

Performances, exploring sound and space


Since 2009 we (FKA a_cis & pom piet) perform using analogue projections, samples and sounds of acoustic and electronic instruments.

The sounds of the slide- and filmprojectors at times being amplified and used like a drummachine.

The performances are based on concept improvisation, our starting point being a story or state of being that we try to make audible, visible and felt throughout the space.

Focal point is the communication between sounds and images in space and the different possibilities of narrating content and expressing meaning they offer. We engage with each space anew, while the multitude of perspectives is our focus. Our sounds and images travel through the room from different positions, in varying volumes, intensities and distances.

Coming from these different sources and places; amplified and non-amplified, acoustic, analogue and eletronic information is travelling in relation to the qualities of space and position of the bodies.

Nika Son & Janine Jembere at Besser stranger noch Festival, M.1 Hohenlockstedt 2015



a_cis & pom piet at friendsandloversinunderground exhibition

2011, Hamburg




a_cis & pom piet at Diffraktion

Stattbad Wedding, Berlin